Battered Justice


Corruption Cases Fail Across Region

Across Eastern Europe, justice systems fail to prosecute cases of organized crime and corruption, resulting in a debased political climate, graft, and, in some cases, sanctions from the international community. The reasons behind the failure vary by country, but all involve a consistent breakdown in law enforcement, from police on the street to government ministers.

18 February 2009 Read the article

Romania: Prosecutors Overwhelmed

In Romania, prosecutions of criminal organizations and of corruption sometimes end in frustration for lower level law enforcement and findings they don’t understand or agree with. Criminal organizations that traffic in drugs, launder money and smuggle cigarettes thrive in Romania amid corruption, lax judicial attitudes toward drug dealing, an exaggerated regard for suspects’ rights and gaps in the law.

26 February 2009 Read the article

Hungary: Corruption Continues

The influences of organized crime and corruption have not diminished in Hungary in the years since the turf battles typical of the 1990s and early 2000s. Instead, groups and individuals involved have consolidated their strength, using connections to high levels of Hungarian society to such an extent that many experts question the ability of the justice system to solve it.

15 December 2008 Read the article

Ukraine: OC Prosecutions Rarely Work

Ukraine prosecutors have long fought an uphill battle to jail those accused of corruption and organized crime. Now they are confident in their case against a former transportation minister.

20 November 2008 Read the article

Witness protection in small countries

Israel’s dozen major crime families have become more brazen in recent years as they fight over the usual industries – drugs, gambling, prostitution – and the less-usual bottle recycling business.

3 September 2008 Read the article

Russia: Abuse of Criminal Prosecution

“For my friends, anything; for my enemies, the law.” — former Peruvian President Oscar R. Benavides. Why do Russian public prosecutors target some public officials and businessmen and not others who may be equally guilty of crimes?

1 September 2008 Read the article

Bulgaria Loses EU Money Because of OC

In an unprecedented move, the EU has withheld funds from new member Bulgaria because the ineffective measures it’s taken against organized crime. Killings, frauds and corruption all seem to go unprosecuted and unpunished.

1 September 2008 Read the article

RICO Case in Russian Court

In January 2007, the Ukrainian Web-based Obozrevatel newspaper shocked the nation with its bold attempt to investigate the early years of the country’s richest man, Rinat Akhmetov, whose wealth is estimated by Korrespondent magazine in Ukraine at $31.1 billion. Forbes Magazine estimated that his 2008 net worth was $7.3 billion.

26 November 2008 Read the article

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